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Shoei Neotec Light Silver Modular Helmet Review

Shoei Neotec Light Silver Modular Helmet

The release of the Shoei Neotec modular helmet is the gospel of the riders. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider. It is very important to wear a helmet when you ride. This useful safety protection will prevent you from receiving injuries in the event of a traffic accident. There are many brands involved in the design and sale of such road safety accessories. It means that there are many inferior helmets on the market.

How to choose safe and qualified products?

You don’t have to panic. Our team has prepared a complete guide for you. We will introduce one of our recommended helmets to you. It left a deep impression on us during the test. That is the modular motorcycle helmet Shoei Neotec.

Tested Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Over 30,000 Kilometers

After the launch of Multitec, it’s achieved a good market response. Shoei finally brought in a new modular Neotec helmet. Functional aspects are based on the new development of the Schuberth C3 and BMW System6.

However, Shoei faces the modular helmet that has not broken through for many years. How do you think about the arrival of “new modularity” today?

Shoei Neotec Light Silver Modular Helmet Release

Shoei Neotec with car camera
The weight and size of the modularity is often attentioned the two are often interrelated. With Neotec, the Japanese brand offers a compact and fairly lightweight helmet. It weighs only 1590 grams (between 1590 and 1650 grams depending on size).

Even better, the helmet has an integrated sun protection system. Especially at the time of manufacture, today’s sunscreens are almost universally popular. On the other hand, the sun protection system complies with the EN1836 standard. The Neotec modular helmet incorporates high quality sunglasses lenses to ensure the quality of UV filtration. The adoption of this material is still quite rare on the market. There is also a Pinlock preloaded screen.

Technically, we found that Neotec uses plexiglass and multi-layer composite fibers to layer the helmet.These technologies are well represented in Neotec’s helmets of every size.

Shoei combines the so-called 3D interior to give a nice fit. We won’t forget the customizable cheek pads and the detachable chin guard to make maintenance easier.


Wearing Neotec’s modular helmet to start the locomotive is very handsome. For glasses wearers, they don’t need to take off their glasses. the helmet is good at keeping their glasses on their noses. For the interior of the helmet, there is a foam filling of the perfect material. The effect of this material is to keep fit with your head without any compression. The use of a flood control system is as simple as opening a helmet mask.

Modular helmet Shoei Neotec open

Shoei double D buckle specifications will have to accept micron buckles. Micro-measurement rings that are now widely used on all GT helmets.

Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Test


When the helmet is in use, there is not much feeling in weight. The reference data is only heavier than the other brands of helmets. Its comfortable sound insulation must be immediately appreciated here. Shoei claims to have lost 1.3 decibels compared to the previously launched helmet, increasing comfort by 276%.

For warmth, we also appreciate its protection of users in the winter. On the other hand, we appreciate its effective ventilation and allow internal ventilation. Includes the chin and the top of the head. This won’t make you too hot all summer.

Shoei Neotec rear view

In rainy weather, ventilation also limits the formation of internal fog (automatically without Pinlock). In the winter, it will create drops of water on your forehead. It won’t expose you to any security threats. The flip-down shade works great–the bottom of the shade almost touches my nose. Great up-and-down action too. When going slow, I flip up the windshield and just use the shade.

Shoei Neotec in the car

The practicality of everyday life makes it the best partner for city drivers. It is also perfect in long-distance travel. Ergonomically designed to prevent neck fatigue and cause dangerous accidents. And with a multi-angle adjustable design, it makes an all-weather helmet model.

For enthusiasts of reflective cameras, you can take photos quickly without removing the helmet. The viewfinder can be placed on the eye and aimed in a natural way, making it easy to take a complete picture.

Modular Shoei Neotec


Shoei is excellent in both head adjustment and sound and noise control. It is a successful helmet at the best level of modularity.

At the same time, it maintains the same price as the market competitors. Comfort and additional recognition fully demonstrate additional cost benefits compared to some of the cheaper modules.

But Shoei’s helmets are particularly durable, regardless of external corrosion or internal wear. It usually does not need to be replaced after two years of use.

It still only chooses one of six colors. Despite the arrival of Neotec II, it did not affect Neotec’s status. But the price is cheaper than the Neotec II.

What we like
  • Quality
  • Sound insulation
  • Aerodynamics are great
What we regret
  • Price

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